26 April 2007

kat troubles at 3am

has anyone seen bjork lately? she's looking quite peculiar.

in other news, when i got home from church last night, i found a cute little kitten at my back yard. she's not actually a kitten - she's a cat. but she's so stinkin' adorable so she falls in the 'kitten' category. she's tortoise shell calico and she's got this really long pretty hair. the hair in her ears is matted. that and her skinny body leads me to believe she's a stray.

i felt bad that she was probably hungry, so i poured some beer on the concrete for her to drink up (it's all i had in hand.) at first, the foam of the beer scared her and she went running, but after a moment, she came back and lapped up the puddle. i offered her more then realized that, even though she may like it, it may not be good for her (it was ultra light, though.) so i went in my fridge trying to think like a cat and find what a cat would like to eat.

"i'm a cat and i like milk" was the first thought that i conjured up. unfortunately, the soy in the very back of my fridge was - let's just say unsuitable. then i found some sugar free international delight french vanilla creamer in the icebox door. i don't use creamer in my coffee, but i always have some around just in case a guest would like it. i considered Kat a guest and so poured her a pool of it in the quintessential cat-milk bowl. it was a perfect moment.

Kat began lapping up the "milk" and i wanted to take a picture, but when i got back to her with my camera, she was done and gone. figuring she'd want more in her tummy than beer and coffee creamer (seriously, i wasn't trying to kill her), i decided to find her real food. i had some tuna-style foil packaged white meat chicken and opened that and dumped it on a paper plate. Kat didn't hesitate scarfing that down either.

a couple of hours later, she was back again to show some love and even sneaked into my house to poke her nose around. she didn't seem phased by the smorgasbord of decadence i fed her earlier. she can hold her alcohol well for a homeless kitten... it's only 3am now, but i woke up to the sound of a cat's meow just outside my window. not sure how she knows it my window. maybe she just recognized the silhouette of the beer bottle on my window sill and would like some more.

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Brittaney said...

This is a good story... it made me laugh even though I'd already heard it.