13 June 2008

On being a drunk at heart.

Since the garden there has been
Gaps and holes and cracks
Filled with wanton acts or conquests
There’s been tears
Murder and excuses
Rape and blood and fatherless children
Unprotected little girls left crying alone
With emptiness growing each day
Silent Adams and lonely Eves
Finding no place to meet in the middle

We’re desperate for something
Searching for chemicals
For love, lust, or flesh
We long for touch
Long wanting for words
That soothe or heal or comfort
Anything, really, that speaks to our hurt
Or makes us forget it completely

Reach in my body, Oh God
In my veins and bone and soul
That reek of booze
And are raw from sin
In this body that’s broken from evil
Forgive me my trespasses
Forget my unfaithfulness

Sow love, healing, and purity
Where there was indiscretion
Give us hope where suicide lived
And let us be called Your Redeemed Ones
Let us find the road to you
And learn how to endure
The pain that comes from the fall