17 April 2007

freedom in the fog

When my life is over and my body is cold and still,
I’d like for you to carry this out for me, this wish.
Burn me ‘till only ashes are left and remnants unremarkable,
And walk to the end of the dock and wish me a new journey.

All rivers lead to the sea unending.
With ebb and flow the river and I will merge.
Twining through weeds and creatures and currants,
I’ll be free as ever with no cage to bind my flesh.

Jealous of the swirling fog and it’s freedom,
I’d sip my coffee on the stillness of the dock,
Wishing to be set free from my burdened heart,
And released to live as one who flies.

It is for freedom He has set us free.
No longer refusing my heart’s desire,
Each breath will sing of His rescue,
Until they cease and these ashes are thrown in the river.


Brittaney said...

Wow. Did you write this?

P.S., love the new picture!

-shane- said...

yes, my love, i did. a capitalized 'Wow' means that i should kick it up a notch, though. i'll try my damnedest!