30 March 2007

dead, twisty trees, dysentary, and lemon jelly:

i went to another tasting last night at the cork and olive. it was nice and the same guy was playing live music. i almost enjoyed that more than the wine. almost. his name is shane and i hope to hear him again in the future. he played a lot of dave, some tracy chapman, and bob marley. when he does 'no woman no cry' i want to fall at his feet and weep- i didn't though. i was also able to make a getaway with a case of some good reds. i'm pretty excited about that and will give my kindergarden critique as the corks are discarded. the crowd at the shop last night was pretty modish and i didn't seem to tow the line as far as fashion went. i was in flippies, jeans, and a t-shirt. whatev. i could buy them and sell them... just kidding.

it was on to color me mine after the tasting and i'm quite excited about what i'm painting thus far. it's a dead, twisty tree with birds flying over the side of the plate. it's hard to explain, but i'll post it when it's finished.

plans for kenya are moving along swimmingly so far. i'm excited about this summer and can't wait to see what god's going to do. if i'm lucky, maybe i'll contract some curable disease whereby ensuing drastic weight loss before i return home... it's not why i'm going, i promise. if that were the case, i'd go to fat camp. all i'm saying is a little amebic dysentery would do just the trick.

the journey of desire, so far, is a great book. i remember starting the book long ago, but i was dead inside then and so talk of following my passion was as useful to me as a airplane mechanic manual. it's making a lot more sense now. i suppose i had to get to the point where i was living outside my desire in order to feel what i wanted. i stumbled upon this webside called 'simplystrengths.com' and it looks pretty neat. i've yet to explore all of what it's about, but i'm going to check it out on my free time.

humm... anything else... oh, last thing. i downloaded a funky group the other day and can't get enough of them since. they're called lemon jelly. there's something about their style that leaves you just a bit above the earth and happy to be alive. i recommend checking them out and maybe even downloading them. if you have but one song to download let it be 'elements' from lost horizons. that'll give you a snapshot into their world. don't say i didn't warn you, and enjoy.


-kylie- said...

mmm, red wine. :)

what's this "color me mine" thing?

Brittaney said...

I laughed very hard when you said you were dead inside... what, was I not supposed to?